CashBack money that comes back

2 March 2020


CashBack money that comes back. Dear friends who live in the Philippines and all, how many of you have or are using,, AirAsia, Emirates, Qatar, AliExpress etcetera? How many times? Raise your hand habitual online travelers, who among you have never made a purchase on the sites mentioned above? Those were just an example not to mention them all… How many?

CashBack money that comes back

CashBack money that comes back


Nobody I think, each of us in these famous sites, known by all by now, a reservation, an air ticket, a purchase of any random product will have done it.

Well, now the bad news: you got it all wrong !! Oh yes, because there are CashBack sites (literally means refund) or money credited to your account based on the purchases you make, a kind of discount made, but with cash. The % varies depending on the type of purchase, on average 10%, but depending on the case they go well beyond.

Unbelievable! I did not know it! And there is a whole world about it that started not so long ago in 2005.

The CashBack sites are many, many, there is a whole world apart and it can become annoying to go into this universe and understand its mechanisms and it may not be easy to choose the best, well it is not so difficult, usually the most famous is chosen, the one most loved by users, the most popular and therefore the safest.


But how do these sites recognize the return CashBack to each individual customer and for each purchase made? You must register on their platform (website) to register with your data and use their exit links to the various purchase sites. They are called affiliate links.

CashBack money that comes back | For example in our beloved Philippines there is:


Maybe is the only one. The site is done very well, there is pleasure in navigating it, it attracts, it has graphics that seduces and that invites you to learn more. There are extensions for the most famous browsers such as Chrome that facilitate your purchase. Everything is done to save you time and not go crazy to choose the site object of your purchase interest. Just one click is enough. There is also an affiliate program that tells like this:

Give Your Friends ₱100.00 and Get ₱100.00 When They Purchase


CashBack money that comes back

So if you want to try it, click on the image above and get your ₱ 100.00.
And when you make reservations/purchases don’t forget to use it.

I did tests to check if the various promotions offered by the various purchase sites (for example, Agoda that always does so many promotions) are hidden by those who come from the ShopBack site, no, the promotions are included and therefore it is all transparent and in addition to the promotion of the Agoda site, there is also the refund offered by the site. Great! I then checked with another offer (Nord Vpn) and even here everything went smoothly, I deduce that it is always this way.

And out of the Philippines? What are the most popular CashBack sites? I refer you to this article with a brief overview.
11 Best Cash Back Sites (That You Don’t Want to Shop Without!)

There are also other CashBack sites that offer a network marketing affiliation, so in addition to the refund mechanism mentioned above, there is a substantial profit for each person affiliated with the network. However, I noticed that the reimbursement% of purchases are clearly lower (negligible figures) and the purchase process with the affiliate link mechanism is not fluid and fast. It is therefore questionable whether the CashBack offered by these sites is merely a silver lining.

If you have any comment, please submit 
and happy CashBack everyone,


CashBack money that comes back

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