Coronavirus Manila Plasma Cure

7 May 2020


Coronavirus Manila Plasma Cure

Coronavirus Manila Plasma Cure

Coronavirus Manila Plasma Cure


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As of 4PM today, May 6, 2020, the Department of Health reports 320 new cases (PH9685-PH10004) of COVID-19. NCR with additional 179 new cases, Region 7 with an additional 98 new cases and 43 new cases from different Regions. The total number of cases in the country is now at 10,004.


Il programma della squadra di pallacanestro delle Filippine per la Coppa del Mondo 2019.
Mappa del tracciamento del Covid dei nuovi casi in India

Coronavirus Manila Plasma Cure Philippines COVID-19 tally breaches 10,000-mark


Coronavirus Manila Plasma Cure Quezon City coronavirus cases surge past 1,400

Mandaue logs 2 new Covid-19 cases


Coronavirus Manila Plasma Cure 1,080 residents turn up for mass testing in Cebu, Mandaue


Coronavirus Manila Plasma Cure Manila records 15 new cases of COVID-19; total now at 797


Coronavirus Manila Plasma Cure COVID-19 cases spike in Cebu City due to ‘aggressive testing’ — Labella


Coronavirus Manila Plasma Cure Regional forces step in as Cebu police station undergoes quarantine


Coronavirus Manila Plasma Cure 76 illegal POGO workers arrested in Makati


Coronavirus Manila Plasma Cure No swimming! Boracay navigates life after strict lockdown


Coronavirus Manila Plasma Cure 63-year-old foreigner is Zamboanga del Norte’s first COVID-19 case


Cebu-based writer nabbed for COVID-19 ‘fake news’ named Freedom of Speech awardee


China’s UN envoy: Beat virus before probing its origins

China's UN envoy: Beat virus before probing its origins
China will not invite international experts to investigate the source of the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) until the "final victory" over the virus, Beijing's UN ambassador in ...


France reports 278 new coronavirus deaths


The Wuhan lab at the heart of the US-China virus spat


WHO warns of new lockdowns, advises proper transition management


Turkey records highest number of new COVID-19 cases in a week


Trump says China could have stopped pandemic after initially praising their efforts      


Coronavirus Manila Plasma Cure Conclusion

I had many difficulties today to bring out news about the coronavirus novel in the Philippines and I can say that they are lower than the average. As you know since the pandemic broke out I write a post every day and the shock of having turned off the national broadcaster ABS-CBN is felt. There are many news about the shutdown of the broadcaster that inevitably have, how to say “obscured” the usual news that I expect to find on the various media. And I had to stop and resume the post dedicated to ABS-CBN where you will find all the updates and declarations of political figures and VIPs including the appeal of Manny Pacquiao who at the NTC says: “KEEP YOUR PROMISE.”

Philippines | NTC orders ABS-CBN to stop broadcasting

For this reason, in addition to the usual numbers of new positives, deaths and hospitalizations (that are always there) you will have more international news than local.

And you will notice that the cases in Cebu increase and this is due to the massive tests that are being carried out.

The decision to kick off the reopening of the POGOs (much criticized decision) perhaps did not come under a good omen because 76 illegal workers including 63 Chinese and 13 Filipinos in Makati were arrested.

The “battle” of accusations and responses between the US and China continues, but neither of them demonstrates tense stories with facts. The US does not substantiate their thesis with tangible evidence and China refuses to open its doors to a team of international researchers to investigate the nature that generated the virus. It is an impasse. President Donald Trump reiterates that China could have stopped the virus at the source but has not done so.

WHO appeals to nations to respect the various protocols in dismissing the restrictive lockdown for returning to normal life. A very delicate phase that sees the ever-present threat of a second wave, which in the past we know has been more devastating (see the Spanish influence).

What happened in Italy unfortunately represented an anticipation for what is happening in other countries: see Turkey, France and the UK that are not doing well. Last Tuesday the United Kingdom overtook Italy for the highest number of deaths in Europe, and is now second after the United States in terms of victims. The United States is by far the hardest hit by the pandemic, with 71,000 deaths and 1.2 million infections – the number that experts predict will continue to increase.

There is a study on blood thinning medications that can help save some patients most affected by coronavirus, They found that 29% of patients with fans who had been given blood thinners had died, compared to 63% of patients with fans who had not been given blood thinners.

As announced yesterday, the Avigan trial (provided by Japan) in the Phil on 100 patients affected by covid-19 will start.

In Italy there is a video that is going viral on Y-Tube where Dr. De Donno is interviewed on a famous transmission “Porta a Porta” by his historical conductor Bruno Vespa.

It is visible at this link:

Dr De Donno was the pioneer in Italy for plasma treatment and given to the hand all the patients he treated were cured, but he is treated with extreme skepticism probably for the enormous economic interests related to the covid-19 world.

Plasma care is not a simple cure and requires many checks before it can be adopted by a potential patient, but after respecting all the protocols it seems to work and perhaps it is not liked not because it costs little, but because it comes from the people and is for the people. It does not come from pharmaceutical companies emblazoned with certificates officially certified by medical or university institutions.

Skepticism grows and it occurs that instead of supporting a cure that seems to work, that saves lives, that makes people recover and that from the hospital takes them back to their families and not to a crematorium, they set limits and obstacles .

All this happens in Italy, the beautiful country.

Giovanni, Metro Manila






UK coronavirus death toll passes 30,000


Smart launches Giga Work data pack for productivity apps PH’s first data pack to offer additional 1GB for Work and Study apps every day

Study finds blood thinners may help patients with severe COVID-19 infections


CBN still has enough funds to pay workers for at least three months 



Philippines to run anti-flu drug Avigan clinical trials on 100 COVID-19 patients


CASE: Y-Tube Video Viral –> Dr. De Donno | Plasma care snubbed by the Italian media

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