Coronavirus Manila Secondary News

8 May 2020


Coronavirus Manila Secondary News En vs

Coronavirus Manila Secondary News

Coronavirus Manila Secondary News


Coronavirus Manila Secondary News Philippines’ single-day COVID-19 recoveries hit new record high; cases now 10,343

Coronavirus Manila Secondary News PH logs 339 new COVID-19 cases, more than half from Reg. 7

Coronavirus Manila Secondary News Over 90,000 health workers infected with COVID-19 worldwide: nurses group

Coronavirus Manila Secondary News Gov’t floats lifting lockdown in select Metro Manila cities

Coronavirus Manila Secondary News Global report: nations in Asia-Pacific pass Covid-19 peak and plot return to work

Global report: nations in Asia-Pacific pass Covid-19 peak and plot return to work
Hong Kong, South Korea and Australia vow to get residents back to school and work in coming days as they revive their economies

Coronavirus Manila Secondary News Israel and Netherlands studies claim progress in Covid-19 antibody trials

Coronavirus, come incide la dieta sulla forza del sistema immunitario


Coronavirus, domiciliari a carceriere del piccolo Di Matteo, il bimbo sciolto nell’acido


Barista porta il caffè ai poliziotti del Banco dei Pegni: multato dai vigili


Coronavirus Manila Secondary News Conclusion

Even today, but less than yesterday the news concerning the closure of the most famous national broadcaster ABS-CBN overshadow, so to speak, the news about the pandemic. The television giant filed a petition with the Supreme Court and claimed that the NTC violated the company’s right to due process by issuing an order to cease and desist without notice or hearing and ignoring the serious and irreparable damage that the order would inflict on the company and thousands of its employees.

The Presidential Palace spokesman said President Duterte would sign the ABS-CBN bill once he got the approval of the House of Representatives and the Senate.

“Unless there is a further constitutional infirmity, I don’t think we would have a veto, but it depends on whether it’s still speculative, there are still no laws or laws,” Roque told the virtual press briefing. Duterte has maintained a neutral stance because the CEO wants to respect the independence of an equal branch of government, he said.

The positives to COVID-19 in the country continue to rise, but the inpatients are tripling the number of deaths if we want to consider this data as good news. The DOH is keen to point out that the high number of positives from the previous days is due to the country’s greater ability to conduct tests.

Coronavirus Manila Secondary News

339 new cases yesterday, 27 deaths, and 112 hospitalizations, a new record for inpatients. The majority of new cases do not come from Manila (110 new cases or 32%) but from Region 7 (Central Visayas with Cebu) with 205 new cases or 61% and to date represents the highest data record. Immediately afterward there is an article from the SunStar Cebu which makes an in-depth analysis and cites that the case fatality rate (CFR) is however lowering.

More than 90,000 Health Workers are positive in the world in general and in the Philippines we have 1886 with 403 hospitalizations and 34 deaths. The percentage, however, is falling from that 20% we are now at 18.23%.

WHO announces the susceptibility towards a potion from Madagascar and now we get to the news of the day that reflects the thoughts of the past few days: after May 15, only some areas of Metro Manila will be able to switch to GCQ (lightened quarantine) many others will remain in ECQ, nothing will change. And it seems to me that among these there will be Mandaluyong which in these days sees a Welfareville compound in Barangay Additional Hills in total lockdown to allow a massive use of the tests. Military personnel has been deployed to ensure that residents comply with strict rules including not leaving the house except for serious needs. In any case, everything will depend on the data that will be available in the next few days.

Coronavirus Manila Secondary News

Japan has approved the use of the antiviral drug Remdesivir and will likely follow the famous Avigan currently being tested in the Philippines.

Bad news for those who practice sex during the coronavirus, because according to a study the transmissibility of the virus, albeit with low probabilities, can take place through the sperm, but further studies will be required to confirm this thesis.

Hong Kong, South Korea, and Australia are ready to reopen schools and restart activities

There is a study on the mutability of the coronavirus virus which is no exception because all viruses mutate, but there is a particular mutation – D614G – that is becoming dominant and could make the disease more contagious. Scientists have noted that there seems to be something about this particular mutation that makes it grow faster, but the consequences of this are still unclear.

In South Korea, 160 patients tested positive for COVID-19 then cured are positive for a second time and this is one of the most worrying data of COVID-19 which, however, increasingly assists plasma treatment because if the virus thus changes the blood of donors.

Separate studies in Israel and the Netherlands claim to have created antibodies that can block coronavirus infection, a potential future treatment touted as a turning point until a vaccine is available.

Thai Airways closes in Malpensa and fires and when a companion stops there is a cascading effect for all the services connected to it.

A researcher who was working on a possible coronavirus vaccine was murdered with a gunshot, I did not understand where it happened, it seems to me in America if I’m not mistaken. Who knows what world economic interests will orbit the vaccine and to date it is not yet clear to me whether the “vaccine” for coronavirus will ever be possible and in what terms and why many are against it.

Milena Gabanelli reminds us how to prepare a good diet in coronavirus times which, however, does not seem to me to differ greatly from our Mediterranean diet and the advice to be followed in general from our INRAN – National Research Institute for Food and Nutrition, that is to eat at least 5 portions of fruit and vegetables every day plus farinaceous carbohydrates and proteins, the healthy diet ever.

And to finish the usual contradictory news of Italy that sees the Milanese restaurateurs fined 400 euros each committed in a peaceful and already announced protest, mafia bosses sentenced to life imprisonment for committing crimes committed in exile, leaving prison and poor servants fined heavily for bringing a coffee to the Monte of Pegni in Turin, where they seem to work like crazy in this period.

Italy never fails to produce news that makes a sensation.

Giovanni, Metro Manila



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