Earn by Keeping PC On

2 March 2020


Earn by Keeping PC OnYes, that’s right, we can earn money that will be credited to our PayPAl account and only by keeping the computer on and also for the smartphones or tablets. Incredible isn’t it? Let’s see how.

Earn by Keeping PC On

Earn by Keeping PC On

From today we start seriously! Each article (which I propose to do at least one per week) will deal with all possible legitimate ways to get passive or active earnings from the internet, tried by me before so that I can share my experiences in use it.

All of us, or rather many of us, have an internet connection at home that most of the time we don’t use, we don’t use it properly. It also costs us quite 30, 40, 50 Euros a month depends on the speed, we can say that the average cost of a home connection to browse and watch movies on Netflix ect … it costs us an average of 40 Euros. What would it be like if there were apps (software applications) that would help us to cut down this monthly cost? Making us earn money, cash? It would be nice and effortless because just leave the computer or smartphone or tablets connected to our WiFi network. And that’s it. Yes, it really is.

We talk about sharing our internet network with third parties who are willing to pay us for it. These third parties are bandwidth-thirsty medical, scientific, research organizations.


Other more screaming titles run in the W.W.W. [world wide web] “Making money without doing anything” “Getting rich by turning on the computer” and so on, in reference to this application, a few dollars at the end of the month can be recovered, of course, but certainly not getting rich! hahaha maybe!

Get paid to keep your computer on. Passive income by sharing your bandwidth

Deepening 1

Let’s clarify: what is bandwidth? The maximum data transfer speed of a network, how fast is your internet connection? It is defined by the bandwidth so if you have a 7 Mbps 1 connection (megabits per second) it can be enough to open emails, surf the web and watch some videos on youtube, therefore not a fast connection. If, on the other hand, you have an internet speed of between 10 and 25 Mbps, therefore a fairly fast connection, you will be able to watch movies streaming in HD such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Fox, Iflix, etc.

In reality it is not quite like that, but this is enough for you to go ahead and understand the meaning of this writing, if you want an in-depth analysis, there is one article offered by Intel very well written:


But how much money, cash can we hope to raise at the end of the month? 5? $ 10? It depends on how many devices you have and how fast your internet connection is.

There is a lot of applications,

they are really many, I have tried some of them are difficult to install such as the famous FluidStack which however requires you to change something in your router such as the UPnP device, you are asked to put it ON ( but not on all Routers allows you to do that) or to redirect ports.

Get paid to keep your computer on. Passive income by sharing your bandwidth 

In-Depth 2

Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) is a networking protocol designed to simplify connection and remote host devices. This protocol allows you to automatically open and manage the “ports” of your router. With the UPnP set to on, our online security is being undermined. Virus and Troyan could easily enter our network and do damage. For this reason, this app, I have not taken it into consideration. If you want to deepen this aspect go here:


I tried others but I encounter a lot of problems,  I wasted some of my time …

At the end of this research and testing work, there is one that I think is good, it is easy to use, easy to install on Windows, Androids Phones (on iPhone, for now, it is not available) and also on the Mac. some small problems (we will see how to solve it for Mac users) and for this reason, I was able to test their Customer Care, fast and exhaustive which helped me to solve the problem during the installation of the App on my Mac Book Pro. Excellent, therefore, when Customer Care is reactive, fast and NOT RELIED on AUTOMATIC answers, I am happy. I hate automatisms in the Customer Care Service and soon companies that use it excessively will regret it bitterly. With Customer Care, You need to handle it with thinking brain, a human being not an automatic reply! Sorry for the digression.

Earn by Keeping PC On

So what is the application? here she is

It’s called 


Attractive graphics, easy to install and use.

The only flaw of this app is that it takes at least $ 20 accrued to credit your Cash.

Up to 5 devices, computers, smartphones, and tablets can be connected.

Earn by Keeping PC On

Each of them will have its own IP and recognized by the application

Within a week, I had gained about a dollar and a half, but for a day or two my devices (a pc, a laptop, 2 Androids smartphones) were off. So from this situation, we can say that $1.5 a week can be accrued, which makes $6 in a month, to reach 20 it will, therefore, take about 2 and a half months in total. Well not bad I would say, you don’t get rich of course, but do we want to leave them there? These 20 bucks? No! we take them and all of them, with minimal effort and keeping the devices on at night.

I tell you more, during the day, of course, I work on it and that I use my connection watching movies on Netflix, etc, and I have never had any problems, so it means that HoneyGain will only use a part of our bandwidth to avoid creating any delays to our connection.

There is a guy on the web that I don’t know how many devices he connected to, but in a short time he collected his $20, here’s the video:

There is also a referral program that for every friend who signs up using the referral link (in this case me) promises you $ 5, so you already start with a plus $ 5 and I get 10% of his earnings,

so if you want to try it and use it immediately use the link below, and once tested, do the same for your friends and acquaintances. Just Click Here or on the pic below.



Nice is not it?

And for the iPhone?

And for the iPhone? I haven’t found any apps available for the iPhone so far.

And for the installation on the Mac, “that there were small problems” going to prepare a video about it, but in the meantime, you can write to me and I will help you.

Earn by Keeping PC On In conclusion:

are you rich? are you poor? It does not matter! On the other hand, it is important that we can amortize the cost of our Web subscription, the cost that we give to our provider every month with this App, simple and easy to use.

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