GrabShare suspended in Manila and Cebu starting March 13

17 March 2020


GrabShare suspended in Manila and Cebu starting March 13


GrabShare services suspended in Metro Manila and Cebu starting March 13
GrabShare suspended in Manila and Cebu starting March 13

“If there’s no public transportation, [ride a private car], or you have to walk,”

until further notice

Grab services in the Philippines is perhaps the most widely used vehicle after the public and economic Jeepneys. It is absolutely not expensive, very cheap compared to European taxi rates, the drivers are friendly, they follow strict behavioral protocols and the cars are almost all new.

It is a really nice way to switch.
You know the normal white taxis of Metro Manila are not kind and before getting on they always ask you where you are going and if they like your destination then you can get on their broken taxi, but watch out for the taxi meter that runs a lot.

This is why the Grab Taxi in Manila is so successful.

But when it is about to rain the Grab Taxi disappears from circulation, he goes to understand why perhaps for fear of floods and it becomes really difficult to travel.

Also, who has never forgotten something inside the taxi car? To me, yes and several times, with the Grab being all traceable through the application there is no problem just agree with the Grab taxi driver.

Lately in Metro Manila as another option, there are buses and electric ones. The pedicabs and the famous Trycicle, but the latter have limits imposed by the local barangay.

And then you have to deal with traffic, the real cancer of the city of Manila, but other cities like Cebu City and Davao don’t even joke about this aspect. In Manila, however, it is the worst of all in the Philippines.

For those who have a car, therefore, they will spend a lot of time on the Edsa which is the main artery of the whole city.


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