How to Add a Sticky Category Menu

6 March 2020


How to Add a Sticky Category Menu to Your Blog Templates in Divi. Un utile guida che ho messo in pratica per imparare a usare il Theme Builder di DiVi. Precisa ed utile per categorizzare tutti i post e ottenere una navigazione più efficace ed ordinata.


How to Add a Sticky Category Menu to Your Blog Templates in Divi


Sticky notes in the context of website design, specifically with themes like Divi (a popular WordPress theme by Elegant Themes), don’t refer to the physical sticky notes we’re familiar with. Instead, they represent a design or functionality feature used to highlight or pin important information on a webpage. These can be used for various purposes, such as drawing attention to announcements, offers, or any other significant content. Sticky elements remain visible even as the user scrolls through the page, making them an effective tool for improving user engagement and conveying key messages.

Category Module in Divi

The Divi theme includes a vast array of modules and tools designed to enhance the functionality and aesthetics of a WordPress site. While Divi does not have a specific “category” module meant for sticky notes directly, it offers a robust “Blog” module that can display posts from specific categories in a variety of layouts. Here’s how it works in relation to categories and potentially sticky content:

  1. Blog Module: This module can be customized to display posts from one or more specific categories. You can tailor its appearance, including layout (grid, fullwidth, etc.), pagination, and more, to suit your website’s design.

  2. Making Content “Sticky”: While the traditional use of sticky content refers to making specific posts always appear at the top of your blog page, in Divi, you can achieve a similar “sticky” effect for important information by using the built-in options for fixed positioning in sections, rows, or modules. This means you can make any module, including text, call to action, or even a custom-designed module that serves as a “sticky note”, remain visible as users scroll.

  3. Divi Builder: The Divi Builder allows for the creation of custom layouts and elements that can act as sticky notes by employing creative design and positioning. Through this builder, you can use the “position” settings under the advanced design options to make any module stick to a part of the viewport as the user scrolls.

  4. Third-Party Plugins: For more specific sticky note or post-sticking functionality, several WordPress plugins are compatible with Divi. These can allow for more nuanced control over how and where your sticky notes or categories appear, including making actual posts sticky within certain categories.

Implementing Sticky Notes or Categories

To create a sticky note-like feature in Divi for a category or any content, you would generally:

  • Design a module (text, blurb, call to action) with the message you wish to stick.
  • Use the Divi Builder to position this module where you want it on the page.
  • Adjust the module’s positioning options to “fixed” to ensure it remains in view as users scroll.

Remember, the goal of such sticky content is to keep important information or calls to action in constant view, improving visibility and potentially increasing user interactions on your site. Whether you’re using this feature for announcements, promotions, or navigation aids, it’s a versatile tool in the Divi theme’s arsenal for making websites more engaging and user-friendly.


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