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is a blog run by me, Giovanni, for the sheer pleasure of writing. Below is my presentation, which I recommend you read if you want to hire me.

Italian Bilingual Virtual Assistant

Then, at the bottom of the page you will find the main contents of the blog which are 4:


1. Guides & Tutorials,   2. Italian Bilingual Virtual Assistant   3. Bonus & Promo

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And the 4th point? What would it be then? It is the point most dear to me

4. Free writing = write on any subject I want to cover. “Writing is life, writing is freedom.”

Italian Bilingual Virtual Assistant | What i like?

I like to write tutorials and guide, in bilingual language, Italian and English, make research online, analyze data, doing blogs and web sites. I like the SEO and Social Network. On the phone making calls all over the world I am a Master.

I am a superfan of Paul Watzlawick


Content Writing

Italian Bilingual Virtual Assistant.  Blogs, websites, copywriter, ghostwriter, proofreading. conducting in-depth research on industry-related topics in order to develop original content,  developing content for blogs, articles, product descriptions, social media, and the company website, assisting the marketing team in developing content for advertising campaigns.


Accounting and administrative management. Expense reporting. Electronic post-management secures financial information by completing database backups, maintains financial security by following internal controls, prepares payments by verifying documentation and requesting disbursements.


Italian Bilingual Virtual Assistant Customer Care

Italian Bilingual Virtual Assistant Customer Care Service, 24/7. Phone, email, chat live. Selling, post selling, processing complaints and, if appropriate, issuing refunds,  taking information from customers and entering it on a database,  taking payments by cash, cheque or credit card,  making sure that the customer’s experience is a positive one.

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Italian Bilingual Virtual Assistant

Translation from English to Italian and vice versa, Transcription. Preparation of presentations and meeting material.

Social and Web Management

Website management, management of social interactions. Amazon e-commerce. CRM, Microsoft Office, Open Office, Html, CSS, Blogspot, WordPress, Joomla, Photoshop

Italian Bilingual Virtual Assistant

Emailing list, newsletters, data entry, booking, agenda, coordination, organize correspondence and answer email, prepare and organize databases and reports

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Testimonials & Featured Clients

Giovanni “Giua” and I have been knowing each other for more than 30 years. He is extremely determined and tenacious. He sets goals and never lose track of it until he successfully achieves his objective. He has proven over and over again that he’s not afraid of continually challenging himself and even reinventing his profession, if needed. Giua is very enthusiastic, hardworking and honest, some of the most valuable personality traits for someone to possess. If given an opportunity, there is nothing that Giua couldn’t do. If he doesn’t know something, he’ll do whatever it takes to gain the knowledge he needs. He’s unquestionably a “go-getter” type of person and a great individual!

Frank, Senior Security Professional

Whatever you do, you do it well.

Carola Agrò

If he gets something in his head, there's no way he'll take it out of his mind until he's done it

 My mom

Assistente Virtuale Bilingue Online
Assistente Virtuale Bilingue Online
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Italian Bilingual Virtual Assistant

Sometimes I write About Something

What Does a Project Manager Do? | Roles and Responsibilities

What Does a Project Manager Do? | Roles and Responsibilities

  What Does a Project Manager Do? | Roles and Responsibilities.  Introduction What Does a Project Manager Do? | Roles and Responsibilities, the success of any project, big or small, hinges on having a competent project manager at the helm. Project management is a...



Un post in scrittura libera, ma scritto secondo i dettami del SEO sulla professione dell’Assistente Virtuale da remoto


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And now let’s see in detail

the main topics of the Blog

Guide e Tutorial

Guide e Tutorial
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I am curious about birth and therefore I like to read up on a topic that interests me, do research online, if necessary by telephone and write what I have deduced, my experiences and opinions. Recently I wrote about online sites that promise “Tester” work to evaluate sites or apps, but I discovered a bitter truth, go find out why, and then about Dengue, the yellow fever of Asia and about prepaid health cards in Philippines. I write in Italian and English.

Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant
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The reason for this choice I wrote in a post. In short, I was very disappointed with a company that I thought was at the top, but it didn’t. I have since promised myself that I will be able to work online but know that it is not as beautiful as many think they believe. In my opinion, the negative aspects are more than the positive ones. If you have a job in a company, keep it dear. In any case, I go on my way and if there is someone like me who wants to try this uphill path, welcome to chat and “never give up!”.

Bonus & Promo

Bonus & Promo
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Bonus & Promo, but do you know how many opportunities there are on the net? Also traps of agreements, I wrote a post about the possible and alas many scams that are on the net, but let’s focus on the Bonuses. They are small things it is true, but in these times of Corona Virus, we accept everything. I try to document myself by making a selection, so as not to get packages, misunderstandings, delays, false promises, I document and then I propose, subscribe to the newsletter so you will receive updates automatically. For example, there is a very interesting Wise promo. Read, here I touched an example where you earn in two, me who give you the code (the registration link) and you who take the bonus with the code. But that’s not always the case, it depends. On Skype anyone can do it, for example, etc..etc … A good practice for everyone before proceeding with an online purchase is to always check for discounts and promotions. There are some sites about it, even on this topic, I wrote some posts.

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