Metro Manila by Sean Ellis | Free Movie

18 April 2020


Metro Manila by Sean Ellis | Free Movie

A beautiful and touching film by Metro Manila of what it was like before Duterte’s time.
A film that will make you cry.

Seeking a better life, Oscar moves his family from a farm to the bustling city of Manila, where they soon realize that they’re out of their element. Things reach a boiling point when Oscar’s job at an armored truck company threatens his very life.
Starring:Jake Macapagal, John Arcilla, Althea Vega

Metro Manila by Sean Ellis | Free Movie

Ana Abad Santos


Metro Manila by Sean Ellis | Free Movie

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‘Metro Manila:’ Film poetry

Metro Manila by Sean Ellis | Free Movie

Quotes of the Movie

 “No matter how long the procession, it always ends at the church door. I prefer the version we learned in the Military-If you’re born to hang, you’ll never drown.”

“Sometime you must risk all when you get a chance.”

You have more chance oof seeing an alien than winning the lotto

Did you hear the story of Alfred Santos? Alfred was a hard-working,  honest man. He worked for his father, who owned a local silk factory. Their business flourished. This upset a local rival company.  (the father was killed) The factory workers were threatened and with no workers, Alfred had to close their father’s factory. Every day Alfred had to face the people who killed his father. With the threats, no income, and mounting debts, what choice did Alfred had? What happens to anyone pushed into a desperate corner? Desperate situations call for desperate actions. And desperate actions get you killed. And somehow I feel responsible for Alfred’s death. Why? I worked at the factory. After that, we have to find work in the rice fields. We should have stood up to the threats and defended the family.

tovie – Metro Manila (2013) – Full Movie (English Sub) – Film who will make you cry

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