Who has never dreamed of an online job? 1. Introduction and motivations

2 March 2020


Who has never dreamed of an online job? 1. Introduction and motivations


Being self-sufficient and covering all your needs without having to switch.
Don’t breathe smog, improve the only real asset we have: time, or rather the useful time left.
I am not offering you network marketing (because usually when you read articles scattered around the network where the author puts emphasis on time, underneath, and it will be discovered in the end, there is a proposal for network marketing). I’m not that I’m angry with those of network marketing, I wish them all a good job. It would be welcome that they change their approach, for years they have proposed themselves in the exact same way. How boring, and then they are never clear, long-winded and carefully avoid not saying things as they are. I have one thing in common with them: time. I’m obsessed with time maybe because I’m getting old. The value of time increases when the years increase.

Then I have the FOMO, a term invented by the English to literally say “Fear of Missing Out”, that is, the “fear of being cut off” from Wikipedia -> indicates a form of social anxiety characterized by the desire to remain in constant contact with the activities that other people do and the fear of being excluded from any social event or context. And to say that going out is not that I really want to, I lead a quiet life, almost like a monk and I like it, but I am anxious to miss something from the Internet, not to be updated, a non-social FOMO, but a FOMO global then.

Let’s go back to the reasons that drive me to work online.
We have to go back to August 2017, I was so happy, I was hired by a BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) and when the others asked me which one? And I replied Accenture I noticed appreciation of great esteem for a company considered as one of the Top Companies, one of the most important and prestigious ones to work for here in Metro Manila. I was worried about the possibility of working until the age of 65 after the regularization that takes place after six months. I remember how it was yesterday, the first day of orientation, in how many we were, before being sorted at the various offices in charge of customer projects. A sort of C.A.R. (recruit training center) and from there reach your destination. They introduced us to the Accenture universe and I remember the speaker of my own age who asked everyone “What do you think is the worst thing that can happen to an employee?” (I came from another small BPO, from which I had quit because of smoking, they smoked in the office and when I complained about it rather than quitting they smoked more, incredible!). Then I raised my hand and confidently replied “Being bullied.” But the speaker told me it wasn’t the worst thing that could have happened to an employee. There was another worse one: being parked, forgotten, without a defined role, a specific task. Here’s the worst thing that could have happened to an employee, feeling useless. I didn’t pay attention to it, but that speaker seemed to have predicted my immediate future that day because it happened. I discovered that it is a common practice in Accenture and this is bad for a company that sells strategic and advanced consultancy all over the world, sorry to see those elephant companies still exist in 2020, which instead of being flexible as the reason mentioned, has procedures like this rigid that do not allow to best allocate its staff. To cut the story short, the project I was destined for started late and then the client suddenly withdrew it so I remained doing nothing for a long period of time. In Accenture they are obsessed with “automatisms”, they speak by acronyms taking for granted that you understand them immediately and for any problem such as the request for a common service for your computer or software you receive countless and redundant emails of undoubted efficacy.

I have always worked for BPOs, here in the Philippines, for one reason or another, the jobs or rather the projects to which they are linked are temporary and usually do not last more than a year. After this last experience, certainly not among the most positive of my entire career, I promised myself to be able to work online satisfying my needs. Unless I find a BPO that gives me an office of my own, with excellent pay, where I can adjust the air conditioning to the temperature I want and in the morning shift.

In conclusion, I leave for this adventure sharing with you,  joys and sorrows.




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