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Who has never dreamed of an online job? 2. Scam

2 March 2020


Who has never dreamed of an online job? Scam

What is the scam?
Nice and perfectly rendering the idea are the English definitions:

Scam -> an illegal plan for making money, especially one that involves tricking people
Scammer -> someone who makes money using illegal methods, especially by tricking people.

The scam is not in the Italian dictionary because it is an English term.

Scam means fraud, a dishonest attempt where it promises to easily earn large amounts of money by requesting small sums of money first.

The Scam has developed in dating sites. Usually, they are girls with a lean profile, there is only a photo of a very attractive girl who promises to meet you if you first help her solve some ” problems “and a thousand apologies leave, the mother who is in the hospital, etc … etc … There is a very common scam, to chat the girl asks for a “load” for her phone to allow keep chatting with you, they are usually small amounts. After receiving the top-up it disappears by deleting the profile and then opening another new one

Then there are more professional scams, studied at the table, carefully planned, but before presenting an example of a professional scam, let’s see the dynamics of the scam.

The scam refers to an ancient sales technique: “I’ll show you the moon if you give me first ..” The promise of a dream, a wish to be realized in exchange for money. This is how the Scam works.

Example of professional Scam:
Look at this site:
Sounds like a well-made site right? But not. There are no htpps, the text is pasted into a photo, it is rather anonymous, not to say completely anonymous and there is a very convincing professional video, well done with a promise of easy money. The author of the video is a professional actor.

Before venturing into any online payment it is good practice to do it before the checks. By typing the name of the site on google and then review, in this case, review and you can see some “nice” ones.

Or a site that I use a lot -> A famous site where everyone can write opinions about online businesses, but also for traditional companies.

Like when we want to book a hotel, we go on Agoda or on Booking, but before booking and therefore BEFORE RELEASING OUR SUMS OF MONEY we read the reviews (opinions) the experiences of other users well, to get an idea and get all the information and decide.

Inquire initially to avoid cheating or disappointment. Many times online we have sites that are not scams but have disastrous outages, absent customer care, late payments, etc… etc… all things that we must keep in mind before subscribing or anticipating any amount in exchange for something.

There are also many other tools that help you not to fall into the trap of a disservice or worse than a real scam.

Tools that you can find here

In conclusion, when we venture to any online purchase or to advance sums in exchange for services, always read the feedback (the opinions of the other users) do searches on Google, read up on documents and above all rely on your instincts trusting that even he does not never cheat.


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