Video Paul Watzlawick axioms

26 February 2021


Video Paul Watzlawick axioms


Video Paul Watzlawick axioms.

One day I was in Manila during the outbreak of the pandemic. It had just begun and we were all a little afraid of it because we weren’t sure how lethal it could be. We just knew we had to stay home and not go out. I was alone and I didn’t know how to pass the time, the swimming pool was closed and the gym too, but I had my computer and internet signal.

So I thought about Paul Watzlavick and how he had marked my existence in some way, I think in a positive way. I went to work I wanted to do something creative with today’s virtual media and everything came as a consequence: the choice of videos, the choice of music very important for me and without being subject to copyright.

In short, I went to work, I had so much time available, only locked up in my condo waiting to understand what the hell was this virus from nearby China. In the end, I created these 5 videos that want to describe the 5 axioms of our Paul Watzlawick, may God have him in glory.

The 5 axioms are as follows:

1st Axiome | You Not Cannot Communicate | because it is really impossible not to communicate especially if you shut up.

2nd Axiome | Content, and form | what is more, important than the content or the form? The tone of the voice, the facial expressions, the perception of yourself and others, What do you think of yourself? What do others think of you?

3rd Axiome | PUNCTUATION | How is communication in a relationship structured?

4th Axiome | Digital & Analogic | what is digital? The numbers, the codes, the abbreviations of the words. And what is analog here in this context? Body language, our expressions, and gestures

5° Axiome | Symmetric and Complementary are all related with a perspective of the same power such as parents, sons and daughters, coworkers, employees. etc … Communications here should be easier but there are situations of submission or other forms of abuse.
Complementary instead where the power is different such as mother and son, manager and employees, captain and soldier and all those situations where there is a hierarchy. Communications here are more efficient but are not on the same level.

If you want to see these videos in Y-tube here are the links:

1st Axiome | You Not Cannot Communicate
2nd Axiome | Content and Form
3rd Axiome | PUNCTUATION
4th Axiome | Digital & Analogic
5th Axiome | Symmetric and Complementary

Go to complete playlist watch here Huumans Communications | Paul Watzlavick

We have reached the end of this short journey born in a day not too far away in the sultry and humid city of Metro Manila.


1° Axiome | You Not Cannot Communicate | Paul Watzlawick

The first need ? Communicate

2° Axiome | Content and form  | Paul Watzlawick

Tone expression are more important than content

3° Axiome | PUNCTUATION | Paul Watzlawick

How you communicate in a realtionship

4° Axiome | Digital & Analogic | Paul Watzlawick

Digital communication and analogic

5° Axiome | Symmetric and Complementary | Paul Watzlawick

Symmetric and complementary relation of Human Being


The belief that one’s own view of reality is the only reality is the most dangerous of all delusions.” —Paul Watzlawick

Video Paul Watzlawick axioms
Video Paul Watzlawick axioms who revolutionized human communication

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